1. Guess the landmark. #travel #wanderlust #architecture #design #glass I’ll give you a hint: #europe

  2. "I always wonder why #birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question." -Harun Yahya #quotes #life #lit #colcacanyon #peru #fly #canyon #condor #photography #landscape #wanderlust

  3. Working on the pictures from a fantastic surprise #bridesmaids dinner last weekend! Here’s a quick iPhone 5 shot in the meantime (: #wedding #photography #iphoneography (at Milestones Kitchener-Waterloo)

  4. I got featured on Humans of #WLU today! Props to @emzibaei for the feature and following caption: Do you have a really interesting moment when you were traveling that changed your perspective about something or even changed your life?

    "I was in Cusco (#Peru) which is the city you go to before Machu Picchu, and it has a very Incan influence whereas the city I was dong my internship in had a very Spanish influence. As a photographer, I spent a good chunk of my time walking around taking pictures and I was working on a "Faces of Peru" portrait series. I was walking around with this girl from Brazil and we approached this lady who had these beautiful wrinkles - she was probably not that old, like maybe 60. She was wearing a plaid type shirt with a big cloth bag tied around her back. I love approaching those kinds of people; people that I look at and I think, ‘I want to take a picture of you.’

    I remember when I approached her, my Brazilian friend asked the lady if I could take a picture of her; she said yes in the ‘sure-you’re-just-a-tourist’ way but then when I started asking her to tilt her head or move a certain way, she got this cutest little smile. That’s the shot I put up. I realized that these people don’t necessarily have as much as we do, but they get so delighted by the smallest things that we don’t think about. They get so happy that someone wants to talk to them, someone wants to take a picture of them and someone wants to know what they’re doing.

    I looked around later on that day in the main square and it was filled with tourists walking around. Taking in the architecture and the views maybe but there’s not enough of the #culture. That’s what I hate about tourists. That’s why I like Travelers.”

    But what’s the difference?

    "A tourist travels for the scene. Travelers #travel to understand." (at Wilfrid Laurier University (Official))

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